Enterprise-Class SD-WAN
CBCcom Enterprise-Class SD-WAN (Software Defined - Wide Area Network) is a Network as a Service (NaaS) solution leveraging the latest SD-WAN technology. By combining CBCcom's network expertise, CBCcom SD-WAN enables customers to deploy hybrid network solution that integrates MPLS, Internet WAN, Broadband Internet and 3G/4G plus the benefits of WAN optimization and network security services, to increase WAN performance and availability while lowering the overall WAN cost, network monitoring & management are included as standard.
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Premium Global
Internet Service
CBCcom Premium Global Internet Service enable customers with premium quality Internet access both domestically and globally. CBCcom has peered with numerous domestic, regional and global ISPs (Internet Service Providers), offering high-resilient and low-latency Internet services for Enterprises located in China.
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Cloud Connect
CBCcom Cloud Connect is a secure cloud connection service, designed to help enterprise customers to deploy secure connection between IT facilities (i.e. datacenter, offices, branches) and the cloud. CBCcom Cloud Connect enables connectivity with cloud providers such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent, Microsoft Azure, and GCP, etc.
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International Private Line
CBCcom International Private Line offers secure, low latency and flexible bandwidth from 2 Mbps to10 Gbps. Offering seamless cross-border data transmission through network-to-network interconnection with all global carriers. Backed by SLAs on service activation and performance as well as latency.
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IPVPN Service
CBCcom IPVPN Service is built on Multiple Protocol Label Switching technology. By combining traffic engineering and QoS (Quality of Service) technology, it can help enterprises to deploy private network cross regions. CBCcom IPVPN Service provides customer with a secure, fast and scalable network infrastructure, reliable for customer's transmission of voice, video, critical data and files.
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Hyper-Scale Cloud
The rapid digitalization of industries, combined with the rise of the Internet of Things and the ongoing transition to cloud computing require vastly increased compute, data and networking resources. CBCcom Hyper-Scale Cloud Service helps industries meet the IT capacity demands of the Networked Society. Transforming data centers in this way goes beyond hardware to impact the software layer, including hypervisors, operating systems, cloud platforms and ultimately applications.
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CBCcom Data Center services is not just a premise to host IT equipment for enterprises but is a key infrastructure to support digital transformation as well as foster information and communications technology (ICT) development in China. Our technologies help to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of data center while providing enhanced levels of data center services.
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